Xsais gw2hook & arcdps Package & gw2TaCo + over 50 gw2hook presets

Download: DL bei Google Drive

Update: 13.10.17: Taco Megapack integriert.

Update: 12.10.17: gw2taco ordner gefixt

GW2 Settings:
“Alle Namen verwendbarer Objekte anzeigen”
Fertigkeitswiederaufladung anzeigen
Lebenpunkte des Ziels in Prozent
Kamera -> Sichtfeld
Ausweichen mit doppelt. Tastendruck -> deaktivieren
Bodenzielausrichtung: Schnell mit Reichweiten-Indikator; bei Action Cam -> Sofort
Grafikoptionen: Vollbild im Fenster für TaCo
Rendersampling immer Nativ
Alle Häkchen unten setzen – ausser VSync. Tiefenunschärfe bei GW2Hook Profilen deaktivieren,
welche selbst DOF aktiviert haben. Postprocessing je nach gw2hook Profil auswählen. Anti-Aliasing
aktivieren wenn gw2hook Profil kein FXAA oder SMAA aktiviert hat.
Bewegungsunschärfe -> Ganz Links
Steuerungsoptionen: Reittiere – Jedes Mount binden; Action Camera aktivieren-> binden; Ausweichen
-> binden

Clean GW2 Install:
Keep Gw2-64.exe and Gw2.dat
Delete Everything Else

First Start and gw2hook/Arcdps Config:
Extract the .rar File into your Main GW2 Folder where the gw2-64.exe is located.
Go to the ADDONS/gw2taco Folder.
Create a Shortcut on your Desktop for GW2TacO.exe for easy access.
Start gw2.
shift + f2
Click Continue
Select a Preset
Click Continue
Click Continue
Click Finish
Go To Settings Tab
Switch from Configuration Mode to Perfomance Mode
Close Window
alt + shift + t
windows -> area stats and healthbar
general -> lock preftarget, recount like, dont show totals
alt + shift + t to close options
Ignore Graphical Issues in the LoginScreen.
Adjust GW2Fog Option in gw2hook Settings.

Arcdps Templates:
alt-shift-d to bring up (or hide) templates window.

Arcdps Hotkeys:
alt-shift AND
b: toggle buff table visibility.
c: toggle area stats visibility.
h: toggle global hide/unhide.
k: lock/unlock target for stats.
o: reload config.
s: open self detail window.
t: toggle options visibility.

GW2 TaCo:
In the top left menu bar you’ll see a new icon, a TacO
Deactivate unneded Plugins “Filter Displayed Tactical Markers”. “Toggle Locational Timers” if you
dont need it. Otherwise filter it with the “Configure Map Timer” to your needs.
You can move the different TacO windows around by clicking the TacO menu and selecting “Window
edit mode”. Resizing and moving the windows will be possible that way.
Once you’ve moved the TacO windows to convenient locations, turn off “Window edit mode” the same
way you enabled it.
The rest of the TacO setup should be self explanatory through enabling/disabling stuff in the TacO
For some of the features you’ll need to create an API key at
https://account.arena.net/applications. Currently the “account” and “progression” features of the
API keys are used. You can add the API key through the TacO menu.