[Build] 35 Optimized Regen Druid Builds for PoF

If you have no idea what you’re doing or what you want, this is a one-size-fits-all build (and its fractal swap):

1250 – [Hybrid-Optimized] – Raid Swap

1250 – [Hybrid-Optimized] – Fractal Swap


Edit: Bountiful maintenance oil increases healing output based on any values, not just every 100-tier. This means that oil builds are obsolete, and “none” builds are best in slot for all cases. This is only relevant if you read this post prior to this edit.

Now including 35 25 fully-optimized builds for all possible regen druid use cases. I had already made a post with 3 initial builds, but after people were still asking for custom builds tailored to specific use cases (I only fractal, I only raid, I do a lot of both, etc), I decided to optimize every possible permutation as a hopefully futureproof way to get a best-in-slot pre-tailored regen druid build for your specific needs.

I’ve got the data linked below and the builds below that. Before reading too far into either of those, here are some notes about them:


To input and compare your own builds, the spreadsheet is available for download here. Sections that you’re meant to edit are in light yellow. The default healing source is Staff3, but you can change it to any healing skill easily with the settings at the top.

Build Notes

ANY Toughness Builds:

1400 Toughness Builds:

1250 Toughness Builds: