[Guide] Fix framedrops + improve FPS with one simple click

1 – Go into your Guild Wars 2 installation folder
2 – Rightclick “Gw2-64.exe” (or “Gw2-32.exe” for 32-bit users)
3 – Select properties
4 – Navigate to “compability” (if there is no “compatibility” tab just create a shortcut from the original GW2.exe and continue with that). If you’re running windows 7 and the compatibility settings are greyed out for you, try this: Modify the compatibility flags for your application directly in the registry (using regedit) You can find all the application compatibility flags at the following location in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers In that key, create a String entry with: Name = The full path to your GW2.exe Type = String (REG_SZ) Data = HIGHDPIAWARE
5 – Check “Override high DPI scaling behavior” and select “application” in the drop-down menu (if you’re on windows 7 or 8 it just says “Disable DPI scaling” without dropdown-menu. Just tick it and you’re fine.
6 – Done