Open World Builds



Auramancer – Dagger/Warhorn – Support

  • Steel yourself on the front line with defensive stat oriented armor and weapons while cycling through Attunements to funnel Auras onto nearby allies; in the meantime, utility skills and traits provide minor support options in combat.

Kinetic – Scepter/Warhorn – Tank

  • Tank bosses and the like straight to the face by manipulating massive amounts of beefed up Protection through skills, Traits, and Runes. Also, negate enemy damage with Blind from both Air and Earth attunement abilities, and healing from Overloading Attunements, especially Water – use this build for single target fights.

Ravager – Scepter/Dagger – Condition Tank

  • Stay in combat with Earth Attunement for as long as possible to inflict powerful Bleeding on the opponent and wear them down over time, while protecting yourself through proper use of Traits and utility skills.

Pyromancer – Scepter/Warhorn – Condition DPS

  • With a combination of hard hitting Arcane skills, greatly enhanced Condition damage & duration, and a healthy dosage of critical hit chance (with a side helping of personal buffs and self-sufficiency), this build allows you to crisp targets with powerful Burning and stacking Might to leave the opposition scorched.

Aquamancer – Dagger/Warhorn – Support

  • With the supportive capabilities of Water Attunement and magically enhanced Shouts, this build turns you into a powerful enchanter – imbue powerful healing and stacks of Might unto allies, while inflicting debuffs such as Vulnerability and Weakness to enemies.

Augur – Scepter – Condition Support

  • A build completely dedicated to the Condition of Blind to stop enemy damage, revolving around rotating through 3 different Attunements – Cast Glyph of Storms and Scepter 3 in Earth, use Arcane skills and Scepter 3 in Air, and while otherwise waiting for cooldowns, stay in Fire to apply Blind on Burning through Traits while also providing moderate DPS.

Mariner – Dagger/Focus – DPS

  • An offensive Water Attunement build – With this build you stack long-lasting Vulnerability on high profile targets, while at the same time deal massive damage with Arcane critical hits and adding slight crowd control with Chilled.

Catalyst – Sword/Focus – Tank

  • This build focuses around two main mechanics – generating Barrier by dodging, and supplementing yourself with a vast variety of Boons and healing, including Vigor whenever you cast a Cantrip or hit with a Dual Attack.


Pugilist – Hammer – Tank

  • Survive in the thick of combat in a myriad of manners; deploy enhanced Protection through multiple effects, regenerate health whenever you apply Swiftness to yourself, and grant yourself healthy amounts of Vigor from a variety of sources – not to mention powerful interactions with, and bonuses to Elixirs.
  • Note: When in a group, take Iron Blooded in Tier 3, Alchemy over HGH in the same tier for additionally increased damage reduction

Gunslinger – Pistol/Pistol – Support

  • Blast through the battlefield by battering foes with a barrage of baleful Conditions – in the meanwhile, your Turrets control the frontlines by keeping opponents at bay and providing powerful bonuses to your nearby allies.

Juggernaut – Hammer – Condition DPS

  • Become a menace on the battlefield by stringing together different combinations and synergies from your Trait lines – namely, applying large amounts of Vulnerability from both weapon skills and explosions.

Avenger – Hammer – Support Tank

  • Race from ally to ally with this Boon-focused, supportive build – not only do you have access to faster revives, you’ll also have a vast myriad of different buffs for your allies, including potentially limitless Swiftness (which will radiate healing to all nearby friendly targets thanks to trait choices)

Alchemist – Pistol/Shield – Support

  • Simple build with a simple premise – camp Med Kit to provide both a steady stream of regeneration to yourself, alongside consistent healing to allies as well through traits and active skills. Additionally, powerful and enhanced tool belt skills provide even further utility to allies through a multitude of Boons.

Titan – Rifle – Tank

  • Two core mechanics make this build work – stacking multiple forms of health regeneration through Traits and Runes, and stacking damage reduction through several different methods.


Arbiter – Longbow & Sword/Shield –  Support DPS

  • Tangle enemies within your grasp by controlling them with empowered Bleeding, Cripple, and most importantly Vulnerability, all from Traps and weapon skills – while not blasting away at enemies or laying deadly traps, your powered up Virtues provide great benefits to your allies
  • Note: Piercing Light in Dragonhunter, Tier 1 can be replaced by Dulled Senses for more Condition-based support options
  • Note: Permeating Wrath can be replaced by either Battle Presence or Indomitable Courage in Virtues, Tier 3 for greater defensive options

Purifier – Scepter/Torch – Condition DPS

  • Incinerate your foes from a distance by taking them down with vastly improved Burning, along with decent utility with self Might stacking and various Boons from multiple sources such as Virtues and your Elite, along with some auxiliary Condition removal on the side

Templar – Sword/Torch & Greatsword – Condition DPS

  • Similar to the other build, this setup allows you to turn your foes into ashes with powerfully increased Burning and offers the same amount of utility with Boons and the like – however, this build provides more personal benefits with an additional Shout ability and a focus on Precision for critical hits

Knight – Mace/Shield & Staff – Support

  • Consecrations, Meditations, oh me oh my! You heal people. A lot. Also applies a lot of Protection/Aegis, etc.

Bard – Staff – Support

  • You yell in the midst of battle, with surprising frequency. Each time you do so, you make your friends a little bit better at killing people/things.

Battle Healer – Mace/Focus & Staff – Support

  • Blink to allies in need during combat, then provide a steady stream of Boons and healing.

The ultimate support build!

  • Tons of Boons, lots of Conditions, and they all last a hella long time. Boo-yah.



Anchorite – Sword/Shield & Greatsword – Tank

  • Tank enemies by blocking and evading attacks through skills and buffs, then reduce the recharge on your abilities by constantly applying Alacrity to yourself mainly through Wells – a mastery over illusions also increases the effectiveness and utility of your Shatter skills tremendously
  • Note: Restorative Illusions can be swapped out for Protective Phantasms in Inspiration, Tier 2 for additional on-demand damage mitigation instead of steady, over time healing
  • Note: Mental Defense can be swapped out for Illusionary Inspiration in Inspiration, Tier 2 for group wide healing in exchange for periodic self- defense

Seeker – Sword/Pistol & Greatsword – Condition Support

  • Inflict a myriad of Conditions with your weapon skills in tandem with your Clones, along with harmful effects on both your Shatter skills and upon interrupting foes – main focus on Vulnerability, but also Blind and Confusion

Trickster – Staff + Greatsword – Support

  • Employ a massive variety of Boons and Conditions from both your weapon skills and Shatters while also fulfilling the role of medic – Shatters and your healing skill restore health and cleanse Conditions on yourself respectively, while preparing Mantras heals nearby allies, and Phantasms constantly apply Regeneration

Thrall – Scepter/Pistol – Condition DPS

  • Destroy your foes by wearing them down over time with massively enhanced Confusion and Torment, along with beefed up Shatter skills – continue control over the opposition by applying multiple Conditions and damage on interrupts, along with stunning targets when you daze them

 (Trades Condition Damage for Concentration)

Illusionist – Scepter/Shield + Staff – Support

  • Masterfully command clones and Wells to inflict Conditions & bestow Boons respectively. Features an emphasis on Alacrity with every Well cast, alongside focus on as much upkeep on Shatter skills as possible.

Dervish – Sword/Swordl – Tank

  • Absorb as much incoming damage as possible by the following means:
    • Mirage Cloak (dodge, heal skill, utility 2)
    • Distortion (Shatter 4)
    • Blur (Sword 3)
    • Damage reduction (Utility 1, illusions)
    • Multitudinal, greatly enhanced Boons (Protection, Regeneration, , Stability, Vigor)
  • Other benefits include:
    • Instantly reset Shatter skills (utility 3)
    • Break stuns and remove Conditions (dodging)



Myrmidon – Greatsword & Axe/Focus – Condition Support/Tank

  • Freeze your enemy to the bone by applying almost permanent Chilled with nearly every move you make – terrorize your opponents even more with copious amounts of other Conditions from a variety sources such as an enhanced Reaper’s Shroud to keep you in the fight longer

Enfeebler – Greatsword & Staff – Support

  • Render your opponents useless through the application of mighty levels of Vulnerability with weapon and Utility skills, along with Traits and Reaper’s Shroud – prove yourself an unstoppable force by also bringing to the table self-healing, improved Shroud capabilities, and tough tanking gear
  • Note: Blighter’s Boon can be swapped out for Reaper’s Onslaught in Reaper, Tier 3 for more on-hit Vulnerability application

Virtuoso – Axe/Focus & Staff – Support/Tank

  • A mixture between Shroud tank and dedicated healer, this build provides a combination of fantastic defensive bonuses to yourself in Shroud while also granting utility to allies by transferring Conditions to yourself and soaking up damage – aside from that, auxiliary healing with life siphoning from skills and Traits provides additional group benefits
  • Note: Vampiric Presence can be replaced by Life from Death in Blood Magic, Tier 2 to turn this build into a Shroud healer. In this case, replace Unyielding Blast in Soul Reaping, Tier 1 with Speed of Shadows for reduced Shroud cooldown.



Strider – Sword/Warhorn & Greatsword – Tank

  • Face hearty adversaries head on with a powerful combination of damage reduction, physical evasion, Boon applications, and defensive synergy with your pet to soak up damage while your allies pin enemies down and take them out in the meantime
  • Note: Empathetic Bonds can be replaced by Wilderness Knowledge in Wilderness Survival, Tier 3 for better on demand Condition removal and damage evasion
  • Note: Beastmastery can be replaced by Skirmishing, providing more specific and situational defensive options in place of general, passive healing options

Infiltrator – Longbow & Short Bow – Condition Support

  • Control and debilate your enemies with powerful Conditions in tandem with your pet – while maintaining a grand mastery over Vulnerability, both your pet and you apply Conditions to enemies easily, mainly through the use of Traps

Defiler – Short Bow & Sword/Dagger – Condition DPS

  • Destroy your foes from both up close and far away with a deadly mixture of harmful Conditions, specifically Poison with a heavy hand in Bleeding as well

Cleric – Staff & Sword/Warhorn – Support

  • Full on group healer, meant to harmonize pet, weapon, and skills to create a large and thorough output of healing – traits can be tweaked here and there for additional options

Soulbeast condi build  

Unfinished druid regeneration build



Eldritch – Mace/Axe & Staff – COndition DPS

  • Destroy your opponents by crippling them with devastating Torment supported by a vast flood of other empowered Conditions, specifically Poison and Chill, while bonuses to critical-hit chance and Ferocity skyrockets your personal DPS and defensive traits offer bits and pieces of safe haven during combat

Binder – Sword/Sword & Staff – Tank

  • Absorb heavy blows in combat by blocking attacks and chaining Taunt on the enemy to reduce all damage taken, while in the meantime generating passive healing on yourself through the use of any Energy-consuming skill – Legendary Demon Stance helps protect against nasty Conditions

Mystic – Sword/Shield & Staff – Support

  • A generalist supportive healer build, focused around up-keeping Utilities in Legendary Dragon Stance to pulse a massive array of Boons to all nearby allies, while also putting up a considerable amount of healing at the same time


  • Tank/healer hybrid, sits on the front-line to constantly dole out Boons alongside other utilitarian options

Condition focused melee assassin




Warden – Staff & Short Bow – Tank

  • Face tank enemy damage by cycling through spending Endurance by dodging, gaining Endurance when activating Physical skills, gaining Endurance & healing yourself by spending Initiative, and gaining Initiative by Stealing – in addition, gain Vigor on evading an attack and successful Steals, and, during downtime, survive through enhanced defensive stats thanks to tank-oriented gear

Acolyte – Staff & Pistol/Pistol – Support

  • Punish your opponents with a mass array of powerful Conditions, but specifically Vulnerability, from not only your weapon but from (and with bonuses to) your Physical and Trap skills – not to mention vastly empowered Steal granting Boons and causing Conditions as well as other effects

Duelist – Staff & Sword/Dagger – Other

  • Roll your way through the battle field, sowing chaos everywhere you go – with this build your dodge rolls inflict multiple conditions, while your Physical skills restore Endurance, and your Steal & Heal skill both apply Vigor

Swindler – Sword/Dagger & Pistol/Dagger – Support DPS

  • Control any enemies that stand in your way through the use of both Cripple and Immobilize, not to mention other potent effects such as Weakness and a bit of hard crowd control, as well as massive boosts to your personal DPS with Might on Trap hits and extra critical hit damage

Cutthroat – Dagger/Dagger – DPS

  • Charge your way into the backline and cut down key targets by inflicting them with deadly Poison while maintaining oppressive Weakness to exhaust them further – on top of this, Utility skills provide additional lockdown in the form of Immobilize and Cripple, while Traps grant you Might and Venoms provide self-healing and have reduced recharge

Smuggler – Dagger/Dagger – Support

  • Strong, general support build – Stealth allies, heal allies while in stealth, share Venoms, apply Boons to all nearby allies upon using Steal, and otherwise apply Conditions to enemies, namely Poison, to hinder their advance in combat

Bandit – Staff – Other

  • Take this build if you need a defensive option for general open world activities – with these you’ll constantly be bouncing back and forth between regenerating your Endurance and your Initiative while having access to cheap healing and many other evasive capabilities. The hallmark of the build comes from the dodging you’ll be doing, especially in part thanks to the multitude of Conditions you’ll be applying to nearby foes over and over.

Deadeye long-range support through Stealing

Who cares honestly. Nothing matters





Pillager – Sword/Torch & Longbow – Condition DPS

  • Set flame to your foes by inflicting deadly Burning over and over again, augmented by increased Adrenaline generation – at the same time, increased critical hit chance and bonuses to Fury increase Condition damage more

Herald – Sword/Warhorn & Hammer – Support

  • Wade into the thick of battle and protect those in need by providing burst healing from your Shouts then follow it up with Regeneration ticks from your defensive banners – while you grant powerful Boons to all nearby allies at regular intervals, your moderate amount of Conditions help keep enemies at bay as time wears on

Longbow burning dps

Mace/Warhorn – Tank enemies, inflict conditions, grant boons + remove conditions

Banner and Shout healer

Sword/Torch Condi build with semi-decent burst