If you feel like the game has lost performance recently, delete local.dat



You can find it in SystemDrive(usually C):\Users[Your username]\App Data\Roaming\Guild Wars2

I had been having performance issues for weeks in game. I thought it was part of the stuttering issues that Nvidia and MS have been having with FCU, but yesterday Nvidia released a driver that eliminated a lot of those issues, and I’m on a fast ring build that has MS’s fix for DirectX9 games losing performance in place.

I was tearing my hair out. I’d tried new drivers, old drivers, middle-aged drivers. I’d tried playing on my 1440p screen instead of my 4K screen, I’d tried removing the GPU overclock, underclocking, removing CPU overclock.

Nope, it was as simple as deleting local.dat and running the game again.

I went from 42FPS in the Desolation right back into the 90s where it used to be. Playing with vsync on no longer gives me a stuttering or hitching experience.